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tv   Americas News HQ  FOX News  September 5, 2010 10:00am-12:00pm EDT

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thanks to ryan scott for cooking here, after the show, show, what are we make, watermelon salad. >> leftover ingredients. >> dave: top chef, "fox & friends," join us, for the "after the show" show. >> jamie: good morning, it is crunch time, the president is gearing up for a pivotal week. there are two major economic speeches planned at a press conference, too, coming from the white house good morning, i'm jamie colby, great to have you with us. >> eric: i'm eric sean, welcome to america's headquarters, the stakes are huge, midterm elections less than 60 days we and democratic control of the house and the senate on the line and this may be the president's last chance to convince voters, that party can turn the economy around, as the unemployment rate spiked at 9.6% this past week
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despite the stimulus and other administration spending programs. julie kirtz, live in washington with the latest. good morning, julie. what do you expect we can hear from the president on the economy this week. >> as you said the economy is the central issue of the midterms and the president, hits the road with the series of the economic events including trips to swing states, part of the big pre-election push to revive the economy, as well as in november and he'll be in milwaukee on monday and cleveland on wednesday. and for what aids say is a major speech on the economy. he'll end his week back at the white house with the news conference and it is aim at getting people to back and cowering republicans who say his policies just have not helped, america's -- americans get back to work. >> eric: you mentioned the policies and you have the stimulus plan, no big stimulus proposal expected but what are they considering short of this. >> no big mel ga billion dollar
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stimulus is on -- mega billion dollar stimulus is on the table. the president will push targeted stimulus proposals, aimed at helping small businesses and lower income workers and -- in the middle class, all of this less than two months before the election and obama is considering the extension of the tax credits for research and development, and, done in the u.s., and, the break at families making $250,000 a year and john mccain was on fox news sunday this morning and said all the support for tax breaks comes too little too late and is more of a death bid conversion and here's john mccain: >> the economic policies failed and you can argue about jobs created and jobs saved but when they passed the stimulus package they said unemployment would be a maximum 06of 8% and it is 9.6 positive. enough said.
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>> and this is all aimed at getting more people back to work and hiring and spending in the economy. >> eric: we heard the senator say what they promised and, 9.6% across the country, 10.4% in ohio where the president will be and 12% in california, and, 13%, in michigan, and, i mean, is there realistically any time to change it before the midterms? >> reporter: it certainly does not look that way, congress comes back, and they go back out to campaign and it doesn't look like they can get anything done but the idea for the president is to frame the argument, as we go into the midterm elections. >> eric: that will be this week, julie kirtz on the president's week ahead. thanks. jamie? >> jamie: in america's election headquarters we are watching this weekend and it is a big one for the president. what does he need to do to convince voters his administration and the democrats are ready to get the u.s. on a
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better track? david drucker is a staff writer for roll call, and, hi, david, good morning. >> reporter: jamie, good morning. >> jamie: i wanted to speak to you because you cover both sides of the aisle and you are looking at this impartially, and i want to ask you about how much the stakes have raised at this point, for the president, and he really has to accomplish a lot. can he do it in a week and do it before the midterms? >> i don't think he can, i think his efforts are understandable and laudable and he's doing exactly what he should be doing, trying to reassure americans things will get better and they are on the right track while trying to acknowledge that, obviously, for many americans things are not better yet. and, a lot of people don't think they are getting better and it is a really tricky tightrope he's trying to walk and, the only problem is, we are trying to put it up against a schedule, and putting it up against the midterm election schedule less than two months away and, in order for people to at this
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point believe that the president has a handle on this, they are going to need see results, and there is not enough time for them to see the kind of results they would need, in order to feel more confident about the country's direction and this is much different, jamie than the president when he came into office, at that point, he has a blank slate and people understand it will take some time and he has to deal with the fallout from the previous administration. >> jamie: right. and that -- >> 18 months -- >> jamie: and david, one second, you bring up an important pointed, we are still hearing it is due to a situation he inherited, his administration and it takes time and it is almost two years, and by the time the midterms come around and my question is, if you are brought into run a company, as the new ceo and you are told, turn it around, right? 18 months later, if you haven't turned the company around are your given that much more time. >> it depends on the expectations of your shareholders. and, in this case, i think, number one the president may have raised expectations to the
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points where people now feel he is not delivering what he promised. and, i think the other problem for the administration, is that they are trying to use an argument that essentially says, i know things are bad, but they could have been worse, and, you know, voters and shareholders don't like that kind of an argument. what they want to now. >> chris: what is your plan to get us out of this, and how does it work and i think the president may have been in a different position and potentially and we'll never know this, if he would have treated the economy as his singular focus and not, you know, walked and chewed gum at the same time dealing with health care and energy legislation and other foreign policy matters to the degree that he did. >> jamie: and democrats would say some of those are positive things the president has been able to do but on the economy i wanted to show you a chart from the bureau of labor statistics, not anything we made. they made it. to the left is when stimulus spending started. in march '09. and you see, the line of the spending and you see where unemployment is. it went from about 7.5, now to
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9.6. and, many will argue, the critics of the administration that the spending is not working and while the administration said last week we will spend more, but, just don't call it a stimulus, what is this difference what you call it? do they not interpret that chart the same way many americans will? >> no, i think it doesn't really matter what you call anything. and i think it really matters less about what the president offers and what his policies are, as opposed to whether they work or are perceived to have worked and in other words, if unemployment begins to drastically reduce in the coming months, at some point the president will get a lot of credit for a whole lot of things, and, people aren't really going to care whether it was the stimulus bill or the health care bill, or the financial regulatory reform bill and i think for democrats, the key is, as they look ahead to the election, will things improve enough for them not to lose a ton of seats? and i think the answer is, no. i think they still have a chance to hang onto the majority and
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they will still lose a lot of seats and i think for the president, as he looks ahead to 2012, the key is, can he bring americans back behind him so they have confidence in his leadership and his policies? and, i think he is obviously got more time because his election is a little ways out and now this answer is, they are not there but i think they'd like to be there and i think americans want to see their president succeeding, and, ultimately, it has a lot less to do with the politics of the particular issues as opposed to results, and, as long as we are creating jobs at the meager rate we are and unemployment stays high people will have less and less confidence in the president's leadership and the leadership aspect is more important to how people judge him than the individual policies and whatever he puts out there, next week, jamie, people will say, great, i hope it makes a dent in things and at this point the only problem is they'll believe it when they see it, where 18 months ago, they were willing to look at him and say, that is not a good idea, but let's give it a
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chance and, they aren't in the easy place they were when he first came to office and that is a challenge. >> jamie: i have to leave it there. they are watching closer than ever and the economy is key and we'll see what happens this week, it is a big one, thank you very much, david drucker from roll call. >> thank you. >> eric: a "fox news alert," deadly attacks in the heart of baghdad. a homicide bomber, setting off a car bomb, at a military headquarters, this morning. that attack killed 8 people, and injured 29 others. five of those dead are iraqi soldiers. and the blast rocked the city sending plumes of smoke over the skyline. militants tried to shoot their way inside the building an engaged in a fierce firefight with the guards and that came days after the u.s. declared an end to the combat role in iraq and as you may know security has been high in baghdad in anticipation of new attacks, to mark the change in the u.s. mission. >> jamie: the 33 men we have told you about, trapped underground in a chilean mine
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are speaking with relatives in a new way and in real time, saying there, i -- their "i love yous" by video conference. take a look. okay. we'll bring it to you later. since this point, the miners are actually trying to keep the communications going, as you know, they may be down there for several months. eric? >> eric: well, you know, there has been violence in northeast and despite that, secretary of state hillary clinton is taking on one of the toughest challenges in her tenure, to try and bring peace to that region. she's playing a central role in peace talks between israel and the palestinians and she'll be the main go-between in egypt, when the talks resume in ten days. the goal, to try and broker a deal that eluded her predecessors, for decades. can mrs. clinton pull it off? john bolton, former u.s. ambassador to the yunited natios and fox news contributor joins
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us as he always does. congratulations to you, last week in advance of the white house talks, you predicted that they really wouldn't result in anything. except announcing new talks and that is exactly what they did. >> well, in all candor, it wasn't hard to make that prediction. and, i think what we'll see is the series of meetings that don't produce very much. the most likely outcome is the peace talks fail and the only question is will it be sooner or will it be later. >> eric: if that is the most likely outcome why would she be putting her reputation on the line sitting down herself, with both sides, and -- in egypt, and in a little over a week. >> well i think the short answer to that question is because the president has this is a one of his top foreign policy priorities, and they were on this for 19 months, to get these talks started again, and, with all due respect, to senator george mitchell, i think the president told the secretary of state at the time for you to get in, i honestly think that that is a mistake, even from the
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administration's own point of view. i think secretary clinton's presence, although it is obviously designed to be helpful, in fact impedes the flow of communicationses and the negotiations between israel and the palestinians. you don't need a crutch in the room, there is to be any progress at all, and as i say, i'm skeptical, it has to come from the two sides communicating directly. >> eric: you bring some -- during her husband's administration he called for and palestinian state which as at odds at that time with the white house and 1999, the hug and kiss with mrs. arafat, and, she just spoke in gaza and claimed during the speech, israel poisoned palestinians and poisoned the water, used toxic chemicals to poison people and mrs. clinton's aides at the time becamlamed a e translati
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translation. how will that impact the talks. >> the translator must have been the same one who mistranslated the famous reset button she gave to foreign minister lavrov. and i think hillary clinton is in a no-win position here and the only way one can imagine trying to make progress in these talks is for the obama administration to pressure israel. and, there is nothing to pressure the palestinians about. mahmoud abbas has no power, to ability to make commitments, to ability to make concession, no ability to care through on them and so when you are in that kind of negotiation the temptation would be to lean on the responsible party, in the case, israel and i think that carries potential downside, for secretary clinton. >> eric: and there willed be someone else in theme, finally, or not in the room, hamas and they killed four innocent israelis, a 25-year-old pregnant woman in advance of this. how can anything be achieved if
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hamas... >> they remain terrorist group and are a terrorist mini-state on israel's border and abbas cannot commit hamas for supporters including iran and what that means is these negotiations, in effect, are just a charade that is going on, to satisfy i think the pressure of the -- to pressure the administration -- the pressure the administration already put on israel. >> eric: former ambassador john bolt into the u.n., thank you so much and we'll talk about it next week, i'm sure and in advance of september 14th, the big day and in the next hour we'll be speaking with a former israeli ambassador, daniel gillerman, about what we can expect peace talks, thank you, ambassador, jamie. >> jamie: the president is not just talking about the economy this week, he's talking about you keeping your home if you are having problems with your mortgage, we're in a crisis, he promises more help, to families who owe more than their homes are worth, and, that starts tuesday. brenda buttner is thoes e host
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bulls & bears on fox business and fox news, it remind me where we were, when we had to bail out this banks, so many loans were made for more than houses were worth and is this deja vu. >> it could be. the obama administration has tried to do this before and the efforts, quite frankly, failed. i mean, there are so many people out there, who continue to basically make payments on their loans, even though the amount they owe is so much more than what their homes are worth. they are good people, trying to make their home loans, but, in five years, when they go from interest-only, say, to much bigger payments on their homes, there is going to be a huge problem. the obama administration is trying to do something about it. but, it tried to do something about it before, and, this basically only affects those
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loans that are held by investment banks, by people who invested in these kinds of, you know, upside-down loans. >> let me explain, they are called under water loans and this is a startling statistic, 23% of households with mortgages are under water loans. that is one in four people owe more than air house is worth. >> they are good people and are making their payments, and they are not always going to be able to. >> jamie: the good news is, some of the money that will be used to write down the loans, and help those folk out, is coming from harp money that is already allocated and will not pay the other taxpayers, that can afford their payments. necessarily, not all of them, but, some will. >> some will, but the obama administration already tried this. they had huge bureau contract
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problems. they tried this, it didn't work. about a third of the people they tried to help, finally got some of the loans and that is nowhere near the number that did and i wam worried that there is going to continue to be this bureaucratic, you know, basically flaw that does not allow the people who need the help to get it, and, also, doesn't help anybody who is backed by fannie mae and freddie mac and that is, you know, a huge amount of homes. >> jamie: it sounded promising at the beginning. >> it is promising and is complicated but, again, good people are trying to make that are loans in a while will not be able to and let's hope the obama administration can do some help. >> jamie: brenda buttner, thanks so much. eric. >> eric: jamie, a study is revealing serious health risks associated with a weight loss drug and a major medical journal is calling for it to be pulled off the shelves, dr. isadore rosenfeld will be here coming up
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>> jamie: sometimes there is no going back, jetblue says the flight attendant who made his grand exit from a plane in new york no longer is with the company, sorry, steven slater, you captured the nation's attention after making a profanity-laced loud speaker tirade, grabbing a beer and jumping down the emergency chute and his folk hero status asked jetblue to keep him on the payroll but he faces charges for his antics backs in august. ♪
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>> eric: the midterms are fast approaching and democratic majorities in the house and senate hanging in the balance, chris wallace this morning sat down with john mccain, and the chairman of the democratic national committee, tim kaine, and both laying out the arguments they hope will spell success for their parties, this fall. >> i really think that the -- this election could be a seismic election, but we have to give americans a reason to be for us, rather than be just against the democrats and the president. >> i will admit to you, the polls are challenging, right now, and they have been for other democratic leaders in the past and we believe if you do the right things, over time, they will work. >> eric: joining us now is the anchor of fox news, chris wallace, good morning. >> chris: good morning, eric. >> eric: republicans need 39 seats to take over the house and what are the predictions?
10:23 am
what are they talking about this morning. >> chris: well, neither would be involved in specific predictions today, but the predictions -- all the polls and all the pundits, is that republicans are in very good shape to take back the house, and need 39 seats, and, even -- and this would be tough, would need a net gain of 10 to take back the senate and there's a chance of that, i mean, as the voter anger with the democrats, with the president, with the democratic leadership, with the failure to fix the economy, is big and growing, and, it is -- at least, at this point and there are two months left you don't want to do a straight line project as to what will happen in november but it looks like a very strong year for republicans, and a bad year for democrats. >> and tim kaine tried to put the best face on it this morning. >> he's the democratic chair and he has to do that. an interesting story in one of the papers today. they are talking about the
10:24 am
democrats doing triage, you know, when people come in, to an emergency room, if there was a bus accident, the doctors there basically have to make decisions, who is the most seriously -- who is the one we can save and can't save and they are talking about doing that now for the democratic party, they are -- have so many seats, insomuch trouble, that they may have to make very cold, calculated decisions and say, this is the seat we can still win and let's spend money and resources, there, and, this is another seat where, maybe the guy has been in congress, the democratic congressman for ten years, and, we'll cut him off and let him lose because we can't afford to spend the money. >> eric: tough politics, we'll look forward to the midterms and see what happens. thanks for joining us, and the exclusive interview with john mccain of arizona and the chairman of the democratic national committee, tim kaine, as they dissect what will happen in the elections coming up, on
10:25 am
fox news sunday on your local fox station or right here on the fox news channel, 2:00 p.m. iron and 6:00 p.m. tonight. >> jamie: the way you present it, eric, we are all tuning? good idea! do you like garlic? morning, noon or night i love it. but what many people don't love is how it makes your breath smell after you item it. fear not, garlic fans, dr. isadore rosenfeld and his sunday house call tells you how to sink the stink, next! we touch a lot of things throughout the day. so it's nice that clor disinfecting products help kill the germs that can live on surfaces for up to 48 hours. ♪ feels sweet when i can touch you ♪ on surfaces for up to 48 hours. hey, you guys. want to try activia's great new taste? isn't this the yogurt that, you know... helps regulate your digestive system. trust me. it is beyond tasty. mmm. this is really good! new best tasting activia ever! taste it, love it, or it's free!
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>> eric: here's the headlines we're following, the blowout preventer in the gulf oil spill is heading to a nasa facility for examination, and it took engineers almost 30 hours to raise the 300 ton device in the sea floor and it is hoped the recovery will solve exactly why the deep water horizon exploded causing the oil disaster. new zealand cleaning up after a powerful earthquake it the country, most of the power and water supply restored to the city of christ church, and teams have engineers still assessing the damage to buildings sthain the and one person died of a heart attack but officials call it a miracle great numbers of people were not killed. and insurgents staging a deadly attack in military headquarters in baghdad and militant set off a car bomb and tried to shoot their way inside the building and the attack, killing 8 people, and injuring dozens of others. ♪
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>> jamie: it is time for sunday house call, and, with us, sunday house call host, dr. isadore rosenfeld. the rossi distinguished professor of clinical minute at the wild cornell minute center. doc, good morning. >> good morning, happy labor day. >> jamie: good have you here. and -- it is very popular weight loss drug used in the country, if you take it, we want to you know there is a warning, studies are suggesting that the drug could lead to heart attack and stroke, and, doc, so could obesity, how do you balance it out. >> americans are always looking for a quick fix. people who are overweight realize, deep down, that the only way they are going to really lose weight and keep it off, is to watch their diet, and consume fewer calories, and stay physically active. that is the only way it is going to work over the loaning term.
10:31 am
but, there are pills that suppress your appetite, and, one of them is meridia. it is very popular and it is said to be effective. i have to tell you, that in my own practice, i have not found it terribly effective. but, nevertheless, people are using it. what you want to know is that recent studies have shown that if you have a history of heart disease or stroke, or if you have any other symptoms of heart disease without having had a heart attack, do not take meridia. patients with a known cardiac history or stroke who take meridia have a substantially increased incidence of another heart attack or stroke, interestingly enough, these new strokes and heart attacks are not as a rule fate. -- fatal but they do occur.
10:32 am
let me tell you, one way to lose weight in addition to exercise and watching what you eat. try drinking two glasses of water before each meal. this fills your stomach and curbs your appetite and the latest research shows that over a period of time people who have done this regularly have lost substantial amounts of weight as compared to other people in the same -- with the same characteristics, who did not drink the water. now, this only works, by the way, in you are middle aged or older. if you are a young person drinking the water before you eat will not help you, because in young people the water is absorbed from the stomach very quickly and there is more room for food again. but, in older people, the water they drink stays in the stomach
10:33 am
and doesn't leave room for the food. and, causes the weight loss and that is a very nice way, drink two glasses of water before each meal. and you will eat less and over time, you will lose weight. >> jamie: get back to us and let us know at housecall@fox, how it goes. >> eric: everyone knows how important it is to stay active mentally as you grow older but if you get alzheimer's, brain exercise, they say, may make things worse. doctor, how can that be? >> you know, i have to be very, very careful in explaining this to you because i don't want to create the wrong impression. keeping mentally active is very important. you know, older people whose memory begins to fade a little bit are worried that they may be developing alzheimer's and they do crossword puzzles and all kinds of things to keep their
10:34 am
brain active. that is good for you. doing that delays the onset of alzheimer's disease. however, interestingly enough, once you have alzheimer's disease, doing these things is not good for you, it accelerates your decline. so, from a practical point of view, what does it mean? if you are taking care of an alzheimer's patient and trying your best for them, don't bother them with the crossword puzzles and things like that, to challenge them. do not try to activate their minds. it may only accelerate their decline. >> jamie: doc, thanks. >> eric: thank you. that is surprising. >> jamie: the doc gives you a lot of news you can use and likes to give good news, too, so if you have medicare and are a smoker, maybe you are going to try to quit, he wants you to, but there is good news about paying for some counseling, for
10:35 am
stopping smoking, doc? >> you know, i understand how expensive medical care is, and how much medicare costs the government, how little money we have, to do everything we need to for our older citizens. i have never understood why medicare has failed to pay for glasses and for hearing aids. for the elderly. they pay for all kinds of things, but, they don't consider glasses or dental work or hearing aids important enough to pay for. when i was on the president's committees advising the white house on policy for the aged, i emphasized that this ought to be put into the legislation, but it was never done. well, now, there is some good news, older people who are
10:36 am
addicted to tobacco, will now be reimbursed for counseling. if you go to somebody and -- i mean, they'll pay for the drugs already. chantix and other medications that are used to control smoking. but, if you are going to a professional for advice as to how to do it, medicare will cover it. now, i have one interesting piece of advice for you. if you are a heavy smoker, trying your best to stop, you are not having success, you are stuck with the pack a day and are worried about it, here's what to do. take one tablet -- or speak to your doctor, first, obviously, a tablet of metforman, a medication used to control diabetes but it is also found to slow down and prevent the
10:37 am
formation of cancer. for example, many diabetics who are on metforman, appear to have a lower incidence of colon cancer, and lung cancer. so, i think there is enough evidence for anybody who was locked into tobacco, trying to quit, has not been able to do it, as long as you are continuing to smoke, take one metforman a day and that should at least statistically reduce your risk of lung cancer. >> jamie: good incentive to try. thanks, doc. >> safe drug and not expensive and you can get it easily through your doctor. >> eric: and don't smoke is the doctor's advice. a condition that brings on chronic pain and debilitating fatigue. is it a real disease, or not? dr. rosenfeld will separate fact from fiction, about this, coming up next. and, there's no let-up in the
10:38 am
legal battles over arizona's immigration law, more states now backing the measure, will similar laws spread nationwide? we'll have a fair and balanced debate on the very latest, ahead.
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>> eric: welcome back to "sunday house call" and your host, dr. isadore rosenfeld who will be talking about garlic in a few minutes, but, first time for myth or fact.
10:42 am
this has to do with fibromyalgia, not a real disease, is it, doctor? and first, what is it? >> you know, one of the problems with the medical profession -- and i'm included, is if we don't understand something, if we don't understand a patient's symptoms, they don't fit into any category of diseases we know, we send to think, you know, maybe it is their neurotic, maybe it -- they are neurotic or depressed or nervous, and this and it's not real tough. fibromyalgia is a condition in which there is diffuse pain, everywhere. and in the arms, the legs, headaches, and it is aches and pains and when the doctor tries to do x-rays of the spine, and examine it, they find nothing. and, so, for years, fibromyalgia
10:43 am
has been considered, you know, a nut job, if you have it, there is nothing wrong with you, and, these people would be sent to psychiatrists. there is new evidence now and there is -- i mean, real proof, that people with fibromyalgia have a different functioning within their brain. the neurotransmitters in the brain, that conduct symptoms of pain, act differently. they are much more sensitive in people with fibromyalgia. this is a real thing. and, there are ways to deal with it. for example, in my own practice, when -- what i'm doing now in patients with fibromyalgia who i deal with sim at the ikt alley, and, i try lyrica and, i combine
10:44 am
it sometimes with cebala and most people cannot find the cause for it and most doctors don't have the means to test for the activity of neurotransiters in your brain, you if show you have a real disease and that it is treatable. >> eric: that is fascinating. >> jamie: great. and you helped so many people, doc with that information. no doubt about it. there is concerning news for mothers, mothers who have never breast fed their babies are almost twice at risk of developing diabetes as those that do. why is that, doc? >> well it has to do with the hormonal effects of lactation. whatever the mechanism, there is no question that women who have given births to a child, who do not breast feed their baby, are at twice the risk for becoming diabetic. and, my advice is this:
10:45 am
if you have a -- given birth to a child, you should breast feed that child for at least two -- 1-2 months. that is all you need to do, to prevent the risk of diabetes. >> jamie: easy enough. doctor. thank you. >> eric: peanuts, a lot of people have allergies, do you have one or your child or grandchild? dr. rosenfeld will have tastiy alternatives for those affected by this, coming up next and the doctor is also here to the rescue of garlic-lovers, how you can keep eating your favorite foods without chasing away your favorite people, garlic-lovers, you can have it, wait until the doc tells you what you can have, too. right ahead.
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. >> eric: back to "sunday house call" and your host, dr. isadore rosenfeld. are you a garlic lover? it is good for you, you know? but, sometimes people have a hard time knowing if they have garlic breath. man, is that garlic so good, so what do we do, doc? >> okay, before i tell you about the garlic i want to add one thing about diabetes, i mentioned about pregnant women and the importance of
10:50 am
breast-feeding. and for any person, if you want to reduce your risk of diabetes, if you drink one or two drinks a day, statistically, that will lower your risks of diabetes. now, don't drink it if you have a tendency to be an alcoholic but if you can handle your liquor and keep the dose down to 1-2 drinks a day, al kol reduces the risk of diabetes. now, getting onto garlic. you say, how do you know if -- people know if you have been eating garlic, my god, you sit besides somebody, and, their sweat, their breath and a real problem and, now, garlic happens to be very healthy. i find it delicious, and, it is also healthy. and it lowers cholesterol, and, it has been shown to reduce heart disease and is shown to reduce blood pressure, and garlic is a good thing for you.
10:51 am
unfortunately, if you are in a situation where you are close to people and, eric, you -- how are you... they will know you have been eating garlic and it's not a pleasant thing. there are several ways to minimize... the reason for the stench of the garlic is because the body cannot deal with the sul finds sulfides in the garlic and they are absorbed into the bloodstream and goes to the lungs and cuomes out in the breath and it lasts hours and, sometimes, days. so what do you do? there are certain foods you can eat, that minimize but don't really do much. like, prudence, and basil, and certain mushrooms and you eat along with it and, they can reduce the extestench, if you w
10:52 am
and i don't know how many of you people will be able to or wanted to do it but if you take a glass of full-fat milk at the same time as you are eating garlic, the -- that will control the odor, by -- will reduce the duration by 50%, and, so, taking milk with full-fat milk, which not people like it or are going to take full-fat milk and, what they have to do, they will not take the garlic and if you don't mindful-fat milk and love garlic, drink a glass of the full-fat milk, with the garlic, and that will reduce the severity and the duration of your odors. >> eric: i don't know about the combination but, if it works. >> some people like it. >> jamie: now you know. we want to read some of your viewer e-mails and the doc loves to get your e-mails and he gets
10:53 am
hundreds a week and this viewer rote. my husband was recently diagnosed as having gynecomastia, please spain the condition and the changes that make this become malignant. could it be malignant and tell us what it is, doctor. >> the word simply refers to enlargement of the breast. and, you know, young males as they enter puberty, about 50% of young males go through a transient period during which their breasts are enlarged and it usually resolves within a year or two. but, in older men, especially those who are obese, their breasts tend to become enlarged. the other thing about gynecomastia, be sign enlargement of the breast, it
10:54 am
can be caused by a host of different things. it can be caused by certain ulcer medications, and anti-ulcer medications and certainty antibiotics and can be caused by liver disease or taking steroids, and it can be caused by anything that interferes with the male-female hormone balance in your body. men with prostate cancer, who take hormonal therapy. the causes are innumerable. most of these causes are treatedable. and you don't normally need surgery -- treatable and you don't normally need surgery and getting to the identified cause of the breast enlargement will usually do it and if it doesn't and you have to continue with the medication and the breast enlargement is painful, the surgeon can extract some of it with a needle or limited surgery
10:55 am
but gynecomastia is not normally viewed as a breast tumor and cannot lead to malignancy and breast cancer. >> jamie: great, doc, thank you. >> eric: do you suffer from peanut allergies? there may be another way to satisfy the peanut craving. dr. rosenfeld will have your healthy monday tip coming up and cracking down on craigslist, what you will not find on the popular web site, any more. . [ male announcer ] let's throw on those satury clothes.
10:56 am
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how'd you do that? do what? it tastes t good to be fiber. you made it taste like chocolate. it has 35% of your daily value of fiber. do it again. turn it into somethintasty. this guy's doing magic. there's chocolate chips in here now. how'd you do that? right! tasty fiber, that's a good one! ok, her mind. what's she thinking? that's right! i'm not thinking anything! [ male announcer ] fiber one chewy bars. cardboard no. delicious yes. 77 77 >> jamie: and before the doc leaves today, he is going to give you a healthy monday stip. he also gives you one quick tip on sundays that will help you start the week off right. doctor? >> this is about peanut butter. you know, lots of people love peanut butter.
10:59 am
unfortunately, many children are allergic to peanut butter. they can't have it. many schools removed all peanut products from the cafeteria, because an allergic reaction to peanut butter can be very serious. interestingly enough, whenever there is a food salmonella outbreak, peanut butter is sometimes implicated, too because sometimes the peanut butter can become infected. i won't go into the mechanism. it doesn't happen very often, but it does happen. so whatever the reason, if you want to substitute your peanut butter with something else, you should know there are innumerable substitutes. i picked out the five that i think are the best. the tastiest. first, there is almond butter. almond nuts are very, very healthy for you. they lower cholesterol, they
11:00 am
lower blood pressure. they contain all kind of minerals and vitamins, so you can take almond butter and chances are that if you are allergic to peanuts you will not be allergic to almonds. the same is true for cashew butter. it's sweeter than almond butter. there is, however, some chance that if you are allergic to peanut butter, you may be allergic to cashew nuts, or cashew butter. then there is sunflower seed butter. a little heavier in taste, but very healthy and very good substitute. then there is soy nut butter. very good and a good substitute. unfortunately, a lot of people are allergic to soy nuts, too. then there is humus which i love, wonderful spread.
11:01 am
chickpea and a sesame spread. a very good substitute. those five things are something you should consider if you have a peanut allergy. not the end of the world. >> jamie: great, doc. thank you so much. good to see you. good to see you. >> eric: as always. t99captionedc p99>> chris: i'm chris wallace." >> eric: beginning with a fox news alert. braising attack in baghdad, days after the u.s. officially ended the combat mission there. the target this time could test iraqis resolve and ability to stand up to the terrorists. good morning. i'm eric shawn. >> i'm jamie colby. welcome to a new hour of america's news headquarters. the iraqi military says a group of militants set off the bomb at army base and then tried to shoot their way in. [ gunfire ] >> jamie: that was it.
11:02 am
as it was happening, the attack killing at least nine people. dozens more injured. dominic dinatali live from baghdad with the latest. >> reporter: jamie, you know, this coming just five days after president obama announced to america that the iraqi security forces were ready to take full control of protecting its citizens. well, today, the iraqi security forces couldn't protect themselves. here is what happened around 11:00 this morning. two attackers blew up the back of the military command center in eastern baghdad. at the front, this was a bus bomb set off which blew open the gate. two others attackers tried to rush the base. they had suicide belts on, but they managed to detonate themselves with a running gun battle for an hour before the men were shot dead. as a result, we have nine people dead and 27 others injured. just three weeks ago at the very same base, al-qaeda representative here in iraq, the islamic state of iraq claimed responsibility for
11:03 am
killing 60 people. this says an awfully lot of the state of the iraqi security forces. america has drawn down 60,000 troops. 50,000 will stay on to advise and assist in combat situations. something of a fallacy that america is no longer involved in a combat environment here. if it has to train iraqi troop and deal with the combat situations just like before today. it's no stretch of the imagine nation in the next 16 months that the american troops are supposed to stay on here some of our men and women could find themselveses in the line of fire and in harm's way again. iraqi citizens are extremely concerned about the current state of iraq's 660,000 members of the police and army who are there to protect the country. some of these are at the crawl space, some of them only 30% the run space, which means and shows just how far america has got to go in helping the iraqi forces get up to speed. al-qaeda is probably responsible for the attacks.
11:04 am
sometimes they claim responsibility, sometimes they don't. the style of the attack, multiple attackers on one target is indicative as it may be then, how the security forces deal with al-qaeda is depending on how well the u.s. can train and bring iraqi security forces up to speed. back to you. >> jamie: live for us from baghdad, the site of the violence. thank you. >> eric: iraq is not the only place where terrorists are striking today. homicide bomber killed three soldiers and wounded 32 others at a russian military base. russian officials say the terrorists drove a vehicle packed with explosives at the gate at the base. headed for a tented area where they were sleeping. troops opened fire on the driver before he could get there. he rammed the car in a military truck and that caused a massive explosion. no one has yet claimed responsibility for that attack. >> jamie: plenty of new polling big trouble for democr democrats ahead of the mid-term elections.
11:05 am
it appears that voters may be turning against them. what can they do with the elections two months away or less? struggling candidates may have a little more time to change hearts and minds. but can they? steve centanni live in washington with more. steve, the polls, some of them are pretty stunning. but they all seem to be pointing in one direction. what can you tell us? >> a handful of polls today. take a look at a couple of them. the generic poll, party against party without naming a specific candidate. republicans lead in this one by 51% to 41% among registered voters in the gallup weekly tracking of 2010 congressional voting purposes. the ten percentage point lead is the g.o.p.'s largest so far this year. it is the largest in history of tracking the mid-term for congress. another indicator is black voting. as you know, blacks were very enthusiastic in 2008 when they turned out to elect
11:06 am
president obama and a lot of other democrats. now black voter enthusiasm not very high compared to 2008. at that time, it was 80%, more than 80% of both groups were giving the race for the white house quite a lot or some thought, but that drops dramatically this year. 42% of whites and the 25% of blacks are thinking about the mid-terms at this point. just a couple of the important polls going in to the mid-term election, which is drawing closer as you know, jamie. >> jamie: of course, you have also the job numbers, the economy. a lot of questions. president obama busy this week on that. what is the white house planning to do to sway those voters? independents are up for grabs? >> right. the white house, one official there says president obama will ask congress to permanently extend research and development tax credits for businesses. this as a way to spur economic growth. obama will outline the proposal wednesday in a speech in the economy when he goes to cleveland.
11:07 am
this official saying the $100 billion proposal will be paid for by closing other corporate tax breaks. proposal, of course, first reported by the "new york times" today and confirmed by the "associated press." and it was a big talking point on the sunday talk shows. let's listen. >> well, my reaction is that we always like to see deathbed conversions, but the fact is if we had done this kind of thing nearly a couple of years ago, we'd be in better shape. look, they're just flailing around. >> here is why i'd argue with that. you call at it deathbed conversion -- >> i didn't. >> somebody would. >> senator mccain. >> if the president had not been doing targeted tax credits to help small businesses from the first day he was in office. so there had been eight tax cuts already that have helped small business. >> now one thing the president will not announce is another multi-billion dollar stimulus package. while the white house says that is what kept the recession from becoming worse than it could have been, little political appetite at this point for another big
11:08 am
spending bill on either side of the aisle, not when a democratic hold on the house is at stake in this election. >> jamie: steve centanni. good to see you. thanks. >> you, too. >> eric: some democrats as you heard bracing for a tidal wave. but they say could sweep away the majority in the mid-term elections. some suggest it could be a repeat of 1994. what are the big differences, though, between then and now? political pam -- political panel, martin frost and brad. welcome this morning. >> thank you. good to be with you. >> eric: brad, is this 1994 all over again? >> it could be worse. my advice to my friends in the democratic side is don't stand in front of a herding stampeding elephants. not much they can do between now and the election day. economy is in doldrums because of the democrat control of the house, senate and the white house. the president promised us that the stimulus was passed.
11:09 am
780 some billion dollars, 2,000-page bill that nobody read before they voted on it. we know that unemployment is still 9.6%. inner cities, 16%. not much democrats can do except for take their licks and regroup for january. >> eric: martin, your reaction? >> well, first of all, the election is two months from now. secondly, this will be a contest between individual candidates, district by district, state by state. republicans will have to pick up about 43 seats in the house, because they have a 39-seat deficit, plus there are four or five seats that the democrats are expected to take back from republicans. republicans would have to pick up ten seats in the senate. i believe it will be a close election. in the final analysis, voters will reject republicans in enough districts. remember, republican leaders called for privatizing social security and medicare. the republican congressmen voted unanimously against providing more money to put teachers back to work, police and firemen back to work this fall. i think when all said and
11:10 am
done, it will be a close election. i think the republicans are overconfident right now and the news media tends to be chasing its tail here, quoting other reporters rather than looking at the situation and determining what is really going on. >> eric: martin, look at the latest gallup poll. >> i've seen it. >> eric: show 38% folks want republican newcomer. someone new, versus a democratic incumbent. >> you look at the same gallup poll and it show republicans are more unpopular than democrats. if you ask what do people think of the republicans in congress they get a lower rating than democrats this congress. the republicans haven't closed it. >> eric: brad, if that is the case, why would republicans as you protect potentially could take the house? >> here is the reason. the vast majority of americans, republicans, democrats and independents believe that the country is heading down the wrong track. now, let's face it. in the mid-term elections as you just pointed out, eric, in the polling, motivation is different this year than it was in 2008. if you can't rely on your
11:11 am
base, to come out, which democrats are not going to be able to do, then you are going to have a huge defeat, because remember, you need that base to come out. who are you fighting over? you are fighting over percentage points, three or four points of independents you need to win. the independents are leaving the democrats in droves. that's the people we should concentrate on. the independents who both sides need to win. clearly, they are not supporting the democrats anywhere across this country. >> just remember that in mid-term election, seniors tend to vote on a higher percentage than anyone else in the population. as a percentage of their share of the vote. the party that is for privatizing social security and privatizing medicare as paul ryan, the top republican on the house budget committee has proposed is going to have a large, great difficulty convincing the independent minded seniors to hand the keys back to the republicans. i don't believe it will happen. >> the seniors are scared to death about what you guys did to healthcare, about how you
11:12 am
are gutting medicare. this is what is scary. seniors. not the boogie man of what republicans might do, as you say. it's what democrats have done. what good is affordable healthcare in 2014 when you don't have a job in 2010? >> eric: martin -- >> you ask seniors whether they like medicare and they will tell you they love medicare and they want people to keep it. >> they won't like the new medicare under democrats who are gutting medicare for socialized medicine. >> republicans want to privatize it. c'mon, brad. get other issues if you appeal to that group. >> we have to fix what you guys have done, repeal and refund the disastrous healthcare that you guys instituted that hopefully we can change before it's implemented. >> the tea party right now, brad sounds like the tea party. >> eric: speaking of the tea party, look, one big difference between '94 and now, now is 9.6% unemployment. '94, 3.5 points less. 6.1% unemployment. martin, how do the democrats defend that? >> you look at the same situation that happened in
11:13 am
1982. you had high unemployment, unpopular president in reagan at that point and yet the republicans retained control of the house of representatives. all you have to do is look at different historical presidents. there was one where the democrats lost control. we were fat, dumb and happy in 1994. we have been in control for 40 years. that's not the case right now. democrats understand what is coming. they understand they have tough races and they're prepared. they raised money early and organized early. this is not 1984. >> it's worse. >> this is when a president holds on to the majority just like in 1982. >> democrats are deaf, dumb and blind to what the people want. you have ruled out ideology instead of reality and that will be your undoing. >> we love the tea party. may they prosper and nominate more extreme candidates. >> eric: martin and brad, that is the debate wrapped up on sunday morning. thank you, gentlemen. >> thank you. >> eric: jamie? >> jamie: so, can the
11:14 am
democrats head off a mid-term election disaster and a repeat of 1994? which will it be? many of their hopes are riding on the economy and the obama administration is setting the stage. this week, the president launching a new push to put americans back to work. in two major speeches and a white house news conference next week. julie kirtz live in washington with a preview. hi, julie. what can we expect? >> yeah, first of all, we've been reporting this today. it's not going to be another megabillion dollar stimulus plan coming out of the administration. no one has the appetite for that big expensive package. less than two months before the midterm elections. white house aide confirming this morning, the president will lay out several less expensive ideas like a permanent extension of the tax credit for business research done in this country, done in the u.s. this will be $100 billion proposal and would be paid for by closing corporate tax breaks, according to the administration. also under consideration,
11:15 am
jamie, an extension of hiring incentives. and a payroll tax holiday. of course, one of the big debates when congress returns in the middle of this month, it will be what to do about the bush tax cuts set to expire at the end of the year. the white house just extending those breaks for families making less than $250,000 a year. not for the wealthy. jamie? >> jamie: what is the g.o.p. saying? because spending could be viewed by a lot of voters as spending. >> right. so the big debate is how to pay for all of this. republicans like senator mccain, this morning, lindsey graham this morning say the president and the democrats have failed to turn around the economy, making that argument. and something needed like big tax cuts on the sunday talk shows. we also heard from small business leaders and labor leaders about what they like to hear from the president this week. take a listen. >> it has to be smart money. we're not ones for throwing unnecessary dollars at it. but yeah, both in the tax cuts and the credit, those
11:16 am
are the key places. >> here is three things they can do between now and election day. we have the surface transportation act reauthorization. create a lot of jobs in the process. the clean water act, clean energy act, guaranteed loans for nuclear power. all of those would create tremendous jobs and push the deficit down at back end. a two-fer. >> again he hits the road with two stops in two swing states. milwaukee on monday, labor day, and cleveland on wednesday talking about the economy and saying there is no magic bullet and more needs to be done now. >> jamie: julie kirtz with a preview. it will be a busy week. thank you. >> eric: a terrorist group that has been blamed for hundreds of murders over the years. guess what? now calling for a cease-fire. we'll have some details on that. new developments in the delicate mideast peace negotiations. is there now more reason to
11:17 am
be hopeful this time around? what's different? the former israeli ambassador to the united nations will be here to tell us. you're one of the 50 million americans with frequent heartburn. did you know, with prilosec otc, you can stop frequent heartburn before it starts? heartburn happens when stomach acid refluxes, or backs up into the esophagus. this causes the burning sensation in your chest, known as heartburn. with just one pill a day, prilosec otc treats frequent heartburn for 24 hours, providing all-day and all-night protection. here's how it works -- prilosec otc's unique delayed-release system protects the medicine as it passes through the stomach's tough acid. the medicine then gets absorbed into the body, turning off many acid-producing pumps at the source, so less acid is produced. with just one pill a day, you get 24-hour heartburn protection all day and all night, satisfaction guaranteed. trust the number-one doctor-, gastroenterologist-, and pharmacist-recommended brand to treat your frequent heartburn. to request a free sample,
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11:20 am
>> eric: a cease-fire is declared by the group and it's not sure if truce is termnant or peace talks will be held. they've been seeking independent basque homeland for years now. it's considered a terrorist group by the united nations and the united states. >> jamie: well, those involved in the negotiations, the peace talks are expressing cautious optimism after those talks began in washington this week. a second round of talks just nine days away. but the situation is extremely delicate with the palestinian president warning
11:21 am
he will back out unless israel extends a curve on settlement construction. what needs to happen to actually get a deal done? joining us now, former israeli ambassador to the united nations dan gillerman. ambassador, you have been talking to us about this in advance of the talks. now that they have happened, tell us your reaction and the reaction of the people in israel. >> thanks, jamie. it's great to see you again. we in israel are hopeful about the talks. we think that the president getting together not only the palestinians and israelis, but also the president of egypt and the king of jordan is really serious about this. we are serious about it. we are very eager to see this proceed. at the same time, we are very disappointed by the palestinian statements and the reactions and hearing president abbas condition the
11:22 am
continued talks on the end of settlement activity is to me astounding. we have been talking while we have been burying the victims of palestinian terror. for the palestinians to raise possibility of stopping talks because of some bricks put in place, not that i'm saying that will happen is as if they're looking for another excuse to derail the talks. it's a huge mistake because the palestinians will never have an american administration more eager or israeli administration more able to make a deal. therefore, it shouldn't deja vu all over again and they shouldn't miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity. seize the opportunity and go for it, which i believe they will. >> do you believe that israel
11:23 am
will curb the brick-laying? is that an option? >> i'm not sure and i don't think it's really important. israeli leaders and palestinian leaders have been talking for the last 20 years while settlements have been going on. the problem is not the settlements. the problem is the settlement. once there is a settlement, it won't be a problem. so they should be eager to see the talks succeed and be concluded with a peace treaty to take care of all the issues including the settlement issue. having said that, i repeat what i keep saying. that is the palestinians alone cannot do it. it's the arab world. the so-called moderate arab and muslim world that should step up to the plate. having president mubarak and king abdullah there was great, but it's not enough. we need the saudis and the
11:24 am
gulf state and the american and world to legitimate and support the palestinian leader who will go for it. if for no other reason we have common enemy in iran. the only way we can face it is putting the problem away and uniting against the threat which the palestinians know does not come from israel but from iran. >> jamie: i'm glad you brought that up, ambassador, because that issue was raised, especially since mahmoud ahmadinejad this week who is never short on words again repeated -- this is according to a reuters translation -- the israeli regime has no future. its life has come to an end. how important would it be to have the support of the arab world as you look to the threat that iran poses to israel? >> first of all, as you said, ahmadinejad is strong on
11:25 am
words but they're also strong on deeds. they launched missiles and continued an enrichment program. the problem is that it is the western world and the international community led by the united states who unfortunately i think are short on to deeds. it's time for them not only to talk the talk, but to walk the walk. the same is true for the arab world. i talk to arab leaders and arab sultans, emir and president and kings and ambassador and ministers and what they say to you in private is so different to what they say in pub. they said it time and time again. they regard iran as a huge problem, as a real threat to their regime, the threat of shiite extremism and export of shiite terrorism. they know the real threat to them is posed by iran and tehran, not be israel and jerusalem.
11:26 am
if nothing else, the fear factor should ignite them to do the right thing and telling a palestinian leader to go for it. by doing so, they will calm streets and be able to unite together with us as an ally against real threat, which is iran. >> jamie: ambassador, good to see you. thank you. >> eric: the fight between the feds and arizona over the state's controversial immigration law just got bigger. nearly a dozen states jumping in to the fray on arizona's side. how will it affect the law's future? we hear from both sides next. ♪ [ male announcer ] we touch a lot of things throughout the day. so it's nice that clor disinfecting products help kill the germs that can live on surfaces for up to 48 hours. ♪ feels sweet when i can touch you ♪ on surfaces for up to 48 hours. mmmmmm. mmmmmm. wow! you have got to be kidding me.
11:27 am
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11:30 am
>> eric: nearly a dozen states are jumping in to support arizona immigration law. this is as a new poll finds majority of arizona voters support provisions that are at the heart of this national debate. and the controversy shows no signs of slowing down. dan stein is the president of the federation for american immigration reform, or fair, and we're joined by lisette. welcome to fox news this sunday morning. dan, let me start with you. why is it important that a slew of states filed the so-called friend of the court legal briefs saying that the federal judge was wrong in blocking the law?
11:31 am
>> it's very important for people to know the obama administration attack on arizona and its law is also an attack on state's rights to implement policies which, you know, may be slightly inconsistent with federal policy, or at least this administration, but it's still the right of the stay to insist in enforcing federal law in all area, not just immigration law. many states see what the administration is doing in the effort to pass an amnesty if you will, as something that undercuts what is traditionally been a prerogative of the state to assist the federal government in enforcing federal law. arizona in many cases, the 1070 law contains provisions that are actually part of an inherent police power authority of the state or the right of the citizens to conserve the resources, and they feel that the administration's attack on arizona is so broad that it takes away or could potentially take away historically very important powers that the states enjoyed for the history of
11:32 am
our country. >> eric: do you see this as an attack by the obama administration on one of our states? >> no, eric. what we have seen is that all along poll after poll has shown, we have seen july fox poll, "washington post," univision that the majority of americans want solution to immigration reform. they'd like to see imlegal immigrants having a program where they can become illegal residents, pay taxes, learn english, pay back the fines and become positive contributions to the economy. what we're seeing is that meanwhile, we've been trying to do something about it, with group has tried to stall reform. instead of making a plan we need now. what we'd like to see that tanner, a white supremecist and the group is a bona fide hate group and has been recognized as such. >> eric: all right. say that again. >> what we have seen is that fair has been recognized as a hate group organization and
11:33 am
their founder john tanner is a white supremacist. >> eric: dan -- >> they have also given -- >> eric: is that true? is your group a hate group? is your founder a white supremecist? >> obviously, no. we're a love group. we love everybody and want immigrants to respect our laws. obviously she doesn't have substantive argument and she wants to waste a lot of people's time on nonsense. >> it's not amnesty -- >> the arizona litigation is extremely important for a variety of reasons. historically group like lulac and the ethnic base legal defense fund and aclu threatened states like arizona with bankrupting litigation costs if they insist in enforcing federal immigration law. the contribution by timothy mill miller from colorado in sip port of the law -- support of the law from other people around the country, they're saying we are not going to let you threaten localities
11:34 am
with invidious litigation and make them, try to intimidate them to not enforcing immigration law. this thing in arizona is truly, truly historic. >> eric: let her have her say. why would you say that fair is a hate group? >> it's been recognized by the southern poverty organization as being a hate organization on various lists. it's also -- >> don't you think you have an obligation -- >> eric: wait, dan. let her finish. >> you have spoken, dan. now let me talk. they have given in-kind contribution to group called protect arizona now. and also we are seeing that the ones that are support iing this that they have written the arizona law and they're bankrupting the state. we have seen a lot of the arizona businesses hurt as a result. and have lost funding since the arizona law passed. we're trying to get to a reasonable solution, because this is an important issue.
11:35 am
all the americans are affected by this. we would like to see everyone work together to get on both sides of the aisle. republicans and democrats. working together to get a comprehensive bill passed. >> eric: you do have nearly a dozen states. let me show you this list. dan shaking his head on your accusation. dozen state, michigan, democratic governor. 'bama, florida, idaho, louisiana, nebraska, pennsylvania, democratic governor, south carolina, south dakota, texas, virginia who have filed these briefs in support of arizona. are they hate groups, too? >> eric, it shows that american people want a solution now. we have seen this year after year. what we need to do is have a solution. majority of americans included the fox july poll, they want a program that resolves this issue. instead of doing nothing, which is what fair has done, we have actually started to work to do something.
11:36 am
and to find a reasonable solution. and to pass a law where the individuals will come out of the shadows and they'll be recognized for security reasons, too. we need to know who the people are in our country, also for security purposes. >> eric: dan, last word on the accusations and the -- >> obviously, all this woman is wants is amnesty. amnesty, amnesty. gets on here and throws name-calling and doesn't provide substantive evidence. i condemn the comments. the professional left is losing a tremendous amount of political ground on the immigration debate because they don't have ideas. we need to enforce our law. we don't need amnesty. we need states in the process. >> do you know what amnesty is? you obviously don't because you'd know we're not for amnesty. >> there was a time when lulac was a credible organization, but that's been 20 years. >> you don't know what
11:37 am
amnesty means, dan. dan, do you know what amnesty means? obviously, you don't. >> you're only an idiot. >> eric: no name-calling here. it's a sunday morning. thank you so much. wow! jamie? >> jamie: there is a brand new attack in baghdad to tell you about. it happened just hours ago. it's days after the u.s., the obama administration officially declared it the end of our combat mission. what does this mean for iraq's fight against the insurgents? what does it mean for the tens of thousands of u.s. troops who serve? and those who are still in iraq? major general spider marks weighs in and will join us next. we placed leah's sofa in this glass box...
11:38 am
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as your doctor about symbicort today. i got my firstrescription free. call or go online to learn more. [ male announcer ] if you cannot afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. coming up live from washington, the president is going to talk about the economy again this week. what is he going to say? will his proposals work? plus, a new study finds that young voters are increasingly fleeing the democratic party. will it have an impact in the mid-term? plus, alvin greene, the south carolina democratic senate candidate, well, he was dancing this week and he was talking. we'll talk with the man who did both with alvin greene. that's all coming up at the top of the hour on america's news headquarters from washington. >> jamie: just days after president obama declared an end to the combat operation ongoing in iraq, homicide bombers and a gunman unleash a brazen attack on a rocky military headquarters in
11:42 am
baghdad. here is some video of the aftermath. so what does this mean for the forces of ours that are still stationed there? joining me now from washington, retired army major general spider marks, also ceo of the software education and military training company envision. good to see you this morning. good morning. >> hi, how are you? >> jamie: good. as we look at the situation, it's somewhat not unexpected, right? >> absolutely. we should expect violence to increase as the united states is kind of stabilizing the force and the presence in iraq. this is all sectarian. realize there is a care-taker government in place. so until a leader steps up and has the confidence and the clearly the mandate of the people, there will be challenges to run right through those gaps that exist in the government. >> jamie: but speaking of stepping up, this was an army recruitment center. and we need the iraqis to be signing up. in what numbers do we need
11:43 am
them to come forward and say that they are willing to assist in the fight back against insurgents; particularly, if the violence continues and they're at risk? >> well, the numbers right now are over about 600,000 in terms of the aggregate, both security and military forces. that number is about right. when you look at the relationship between the numbers of civilians and the number of security forces that need to exist, they are about there. the key is there has to be a maintenance of training levels, readiness levels. you have to gw the security forces which are different from the military forces and generally takes a year to grow a soldier. it will take about five years to have the professional ethos, policeman for example, since they operate in different ways. so there has to be a maintenance of the recruitment and there has to be a call for young men and women to come forward to make the sacrifices that are necessary. >> jamie: was the president
11:44 am
cautious in his wording when he declared this the end of the combat mission, that a mission is complete, but not necessarily mission accomplished? >> clearly it's not mission accomplished. and i think it's, i think it's important that we recognize that combat forces, u.s. and colition and combat forces are not out of iraq. there are close to you wants, routinely going over as units to part. i mentioned this before. my son-in-law is a captain that just deployed back to iraq again for his second tour. he is an artillery man in army cavalry regimen and in iraq to provide mission of advise and assist to follow forces, the training forces for the iraqis as they maintain the lead in the effort to go after the terrorist organizations and anyone that is trying to provide an opportunity for the country. >> jamie: they are there, the u.s. forces, for support
11:45 am
capacity. we thank you both in the service. in the background, iran is meddling, providing what is necessary for some of the insurgents to fight back. how big a concern is it; particularly, for those who have already served and left of our troops to watch potentially what they built come apart? >> what they have built is not coming apart. this is war by proxy with iran in its efforts in southeast iraq. and throughout iraq, frankly, porous border. iran has essentially done what it wants in that part of iraq. the channellenges will remain. for all soldiers and servicemember who committed to the fight in iraq there is clearly a sense of success and a sense that they have made a difference. and clearly iraq will be part of their lives forever. and it's frustrating to see that there are challenges in the government. but that will always take place. this again, government that
11:46 am
is very immature and has to get its legs under itself. it's important that the government withstand these challenges. not only do they have to get in front of them, they have to be able to take the blows and be able to respond. >> jamie: major general spider marks, i could have said potentially coming apart. i'm gladded you gave us that perspective. thank you. great to see you today. >> thanks, jamie. >> eric: jamie, did you hear about the surprise move from craigslist? the site is removing some controversial listings. what does that mean for other websites? fiber one chewy bar.
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>> jamie: a popular website sensor. craigslist shutting down the adult section after weeks of pressure from 17 states attorneys general. peter doocy live in the new york newsroom with the latest on that. >> reporter: craigslist, the online version of the newspaper classified shut down its adult services section. if you go to looking for adult services this morning, you find a black box with lower case white letters that reads "censored." there it is. recently the adult section has come under fire because the prosecutors allege it's become an out-of-control forum for sex trade, including internet users
11:51 am
looking for prostitutes. in fact, the adult section used to be listed as erotic services but the website changed that under pressure from authorities who conducted investigations that were finding that section offered very few legitimate services. now after been leaned on by a group of states attorneys general it's been censored a month after the suicide of the craig list killer who met his victims on the erotic services section. >> prostitution is not a victimless crime. human trafficking results in tragedy to children and others and craigslist voluntarily fortunately is doing the right something but we are going to continue monitoring them and other sites that also may enable prostitution. >> reporter: on the blog, they said they have attorneys screening each and every individual ad in the adult services section since may of 2009 and required posters to give a working phone number and pay a fee. they say their posting guidelines are more strict
11:52 am
than the yellow pages or a newspaper. and that they rejected more than 700,000 ads since they started screening. no word yet if the removal of the adult services section is permanent. >> jamie: peter, live in the newsroom. thank you. >> thanks. >> eric: they could say times are changing for president obama. you know, two years ago, "time" magazine named him person of the year. now the magazine has a different take. liz trotta will fill us in next. [ female announcer ] last year, the u.s. used enough plastic water bottles to stretch around the earth over 190 times. each brita filter can take up to 300 of those bottles out of the equation.
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>> eric: well, he was "time" magazine's person of the year two years ago. on the cover of "time" magazine they bluntly declare how he lost his mojo. what changed? liz trotta is an author, journalist and fox news contributor joining us with her commentary as she does every sunday at this time. good morning. >> good morning. >> eric: well, "time" magazine at least is singing a different tune this week.
11:56 am
>> the good old days in 2008 when he was person of the year. and a vaughning overwritten piece entitled "why history can't wait" accompanied the person of the year and now 19 months later we have a piece called "how mr. barack obama became so mr. unpopular." let's look at the quotes from the piece of 19 months ago when obama was first about to take office and now. then -- >> that was then. here's now --
11:57 am
>> now, let's go back to then -- >> so there you are. four examples of how the mainstream media seems to be doing not just a 180 but a
11:58 am
360-degree change in this handling of obama. >> eric: do you think that other media will follow suit? >> well, we know -- i know you reach frank witch every morning, eric, every sunday morning and we know that frank rich, he is not pap lar with frank rich either anymore, the "new york times." rich has written a really scathing piece saying that obama gave a bloodless speech on the war and that he seems to have had lost his ability to hear what the people are saying. remember, all this is against the backdrop of obama coming in to office with a 67% popularity rating, and now standing in the mid-40%s. rasmussen poll yesterday had him down to 42%. so my, how the world has changed. how about your frank rich reading? >> eric: well, doesn't this always go in cycles? you know, they build them up and knock them down and then they build them up and knock
11:59 am
them down. it will just take something before he's built up again? >> that is true. you're almost defending the mainstream media, eric, and i'm getting a little worried. >> eric: i think that is the cycle. oftentimes, it depends on the news, it's something that cannot be controlled and the way the media reacts to it. >> but, you know, if you've lost frank rich, you have lost a lot of liberal support, wouldn't you say? >> i'm reminded of l.b.j. saying on vietnam they lost walt walter cronkite, they lost america. >> i was thinking of that when i said it. rich, plus there are many other pieces, too, especially on the blogs. the blogs are now ripping up the president for sport. they have gone much more whole-hog on this than mainstream media even though mainstream media evidenced by frank rich's piece today is changing its tune. there are no results and there is a sense of betrayal. >> eric: we're out of time.


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